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A statement in a class of its own. 

Depending on the model, the ComDi waistband system can consist of a narrow or wide belt strip enhanced with one or two incorporated ComDi-Clip slide closures that easily and effortlessly glide across one another. ComDi FASHION® combines top wearing comfort with a unique appearance.

The following models were created by professional bespoke tailors and workshops. Allow them to inspire you!

We would also be happy to publish pictures of your own models so that anyone interested has the opportunity to use your design for ideas. If you buy a ComDi-Clip slide closure you can additionally receive our patterns free of charge. We are always happy to hear from you!


Damenhose weiss web 2  Damenhose weiss web

ComDi One trousers


ComDi DOUBLE Rock mit Jacke-ecru  ComDi ONE Rock ecru

Women's costume with ComDi Double skirt (left picture)

ComDi One skirt with box pleat (right picture)


ComDi Jeans  ComDi Jeans-1

Jeans with ComDi nappa leather belt and integrated ComDi slide closure. This allows an continous readjusment of the waistband of up to 4.5 cm.


ComDi One Rock mit Jacke  ComDi One Rock vorne  ComDi One Rock hinten-01

Women's costume with ComDi One skirt, with applied Alcantara belt.


ComDi Double gesamt  ComDi Double vorne  ComDi Double hinten

Men's suit with ComDi Double trousers, one wide panel that is reminiscent of the cummerbund, with two small buckles. Supports the back and the underbelly.


ComDi Double Hose Damen vorne  ComDi Double Hose Damen hinten

ComDi Double Women's trousers, with two small buckles. The exceptional Design supports the lower back and the underbelly.


ComDi ONE Anzug  ComDi ONE Leinenhose

Suit with ComDi One trousers (left picture)

ComDi One linen-trousers (right picture)


Guertel Kalbsleder schwarz vergoldet-1  Guertel Kalbsleder schwarz vergoldet  Guertel Kalbsleder schwarz

Cashmier calf leather belt with gold-plated buckle, 30 mm wide (left and central picture).

Cashmier calf lather belt with chrome-plated buckle (right picture).


Guertel Kunstsleder beige  Guertel Kunstsleder braun-1  Guertel Kunstsleder schwarz

Imitation leather belt with anodized buckle, 30 mm wide (left and central picture).

Imitation leather belt with chrome-plated buckle, 30 mm wide (right picture).