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A question of detail. 

ComDi-Clip slide closure

The slide closure is manufactured from the plastic HOSTAFORM® C9021. You can find the data sheet for it here.
All the slide closures are individually inspected after manufacturing to check for discolouration, scratches and other defects. If they do not meet our standards, they are strictly recycled.

Belt buckles

All our belt buckles are forged out of aluminium. After that they are, for example, anodized (electrical oxidation) to give them a protective surface. The chrome-plated buckles are coated with a hard layer of chrome. Both variants are fine-blasted and polished before being finished. The specified nickel values are adhered to.

Here, again, our strict visual and haptic quality controls apply. On request, the belt buckles can also be coated with fine gold or other precious metals and laser marked (with a logo or graphic).


The straps of our belts are manufactured in Germany. The manufacturers confirm that the leather and other materials used meet the required standards and are safe.


The following applies to our contract tailor shops:
• consistently high quality standard
• constantly high rate of delivery
• excellent price-performance ratio, which we are able to pass on to our customers
• high flexibility

The following applies to the materials we use:
• natural fibres
• durability
• colour fastness
• high-quality accessories and additions

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