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Gift ideas from ComDi FASHION

ComDi-Clip – for hobby tailors / dressmakers

Give the ComDi-Clip as a present. The ComDi-Clip is also ideal as a present for anyone who enjoys sewing and likes to try out new things. By sewing the ComDi-Clip slide closure into trousers or skirts, hobby tailors and dressmakers can very easily create unique, individual garments. 

Schneiderin 161214_958x460px 

Creative and skilled friends of yours are sure to be delighted by this gift idea. Why not surprise your loved ones with something special? You can obtain the ComDi-Clip slide closure here. Sewing instructions and more about the ComDi-Clip can be found here.


ComDi belt – the perfect gift for the fashion-conscious

The ComDi belt stands, above all, for high-quality fashion. With this belt, you can give fashion-conscious people a special Christmas treat. Simple but strikingly classy, it will turn any outfit into an eye-catcher. The simple and variable size adjustment additionally means that the ComDi belt fits just right at all times.

Guertel 131214_958x460px

The belts are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are available in various colours and materials. This means you can select this fashionable accessory according to individual preferences and delight your friends with this original gift idea. The imitation leather belts are 100% vegan.

You can obtain the ComDi belt here. You can find out more about the ComDi belt here.