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Website relaunch

The time has finally come! Our website is online with a new design. We have given our online presence a fresh and innovative appearance.

From now on, the focus is on the ComDi-Clip slide closure. At the same time, we are also allowing more space for the other product lines, particularly the ComDi label and the tailored clothing.

Under the FAQs on our new website you can find illustrated sewing instructions and other information about the ComDi-Clip slide closure.

We attach great importance to developing partnerships with the fashion industry and the textile accessory sector, particularly with the goal of garments with the innovative closure system and our accessories being established on the market.

For anyone interested, there is now the “Company” section with information on the origins of ComDi FASHION, the quality standards of the products and the company philosophy.

The next step lies in implementing the online shop, which will be accessible shortly. Here all the products sold by ComDi FASHION will be available for purchase. Until the online shop is active, orders can be made using a PDF form or by telephone at +49 (0) 9331 98 45 840. Companies can obtain the current price lists using the company enquiry form.

Visit us for yourself at www.comdi-fashion.com and allow yourself to be inspired by a whole new level of comfort in the clothing industry.