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The perfect symbiosis of individuality and comfort.

Allow us to introduce: the first genuine slide closure in the clothing industry that really works. No other waistband system is as conveniently and spontaneously adjustable as the ComDi system.

Have we already mentioned how convenient it is?

On the following pages we describe the function, what it is made of and what you can do with it.

You spend a large part of your time seated – during meetings, in the car or aeroplane, at the restaurant or theatre. Everyone knows the feeling. After lunch, another meeting is on the agenda and your trousers are too tight. Undoing a conventional belt is out of the question. This is where the innovation from the company ComDi FASHION comes to the rescue. With one movement of the hand, the meeting can take place without any tightness. And no dress code is contravened in the process.

ComDi FASHION additionally offers other products to go with the ComDi-Clip slide closure. These include the distinctive belt buckles, high-quality belts and our own collection of clothing. All the products are suitable for both the professional world and leisure time.


The ComDi slide closure is patented :

European patent No. EP2775873