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ComDi belt buckle –
An eye-catcher with a trendy, technical touch!

The distinctive ComDi belt buckles have a simple and elegant design. All the belt buckles are forged out of aluminium and then given a finish, depending on the surface colour variant. The low weight of the buckles makes them light and pleasant to wear.

The ComDi belt buckle is offered in a variety of models. The style and configuration can be selected individually.

With the anodized belt buckles, the surface is electrically oxidized and the aluminium is given a hard-wearing, coloured layer. The chrome-plated belt buckles are coated with a hard layer of chrome. Buckles finished with a precious metal such as fine gold convey an exceptional and luxurious message. In addition, the surface of the buckles can, on request, be labelled by laser with a logo or similar for a small surcharge.

You can order here via our online shop.

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