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The ComDi-Clip slide closure –
Uncomfortable is a thing of the past.

With the ComDi-Clip, the size of any skirt or trouser waistband can be adjusted inconspicuously without it slipping. The model SV 35 allows an adjustment of up to 4.5 cm and the model SV 55 an adjustment of up to 6.5 cm. At one end of the sliding strip there is a limitation with which the maximum waist size of the trousers or skirt can be fixed. The flexible slide closure is manufactured from the plastic HOSTAFORM® C9021 and is less than 4 mm thick. The system can be integrated into all kinds of different garments - sewn like a button, by machine or by hand - and is thus very versatile. Thanks to the ComDi-Clip slide closure, your clothing fits perfectly and comfortably at all times.

ComDi FASHION offers you the perfect solution with the ComDi slide closure, which is a registered utility model – developed and made in Germany. The first of its kind.

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The ComDi slide closure is patented :

European patent No. EP2775873


You can find more detailed information on the ComDi-Clip slide closure here as a download:

How to use the ComDi slide closure system.
• Intended use of the ComDi-Clip slide closure.
Sewing instructions – how do I sew in the ComDi system at home?
Sewing instructions – for a top-stitched waistband – how do I sew in the ComDi system at home?
HOSTAFORM data sheet – this is what the ComDi-Clip slide closure is made of.

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- sewn like a button, by machine or by hand -