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The perfect symbiosis of individuality and comfort.

With the innovative ComDi-Clip slide closure there is now a unique waistband system for trousers and skirts on the market. You can adjust the waist size conveniently and inconspicuously. ComDi FASHION’s strategy is to focus on partnerships with the fashion industry and the textile accessory sector in order for garments with the innovative fastening system and our accessories to be established on the market.

Whether in your professional life or free time, the waist size that feels comfortable on your trousers or skirt often keeps changing. Most of the items of clothing available do not accommodate the dynamic nature of everyday life. With the ComDi-Clip, the waist size of a garment can be individually and spontaneously adjusted to suit the situation.

Enjoy the unparalleled ComDi effect and feel altogether comfortable. As of now, restrictive waistbands are a thing of the past. The simple, quick and discreet handling of the ComDi system will convince you.

Our customer Mr Hetterich from Hausen says: “When I wear a pair of ComDi trousers to the office, my abdomen feels completely comfortable the whole day.”