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ComDi belt buckle – An eye-catcher

The distinctive ComDi belt buckles have a simple and elegant design. All the belt buckles are forged out of aluminium and then given a finish, depending on the surface colour variant. The low weight of the buckles makes them light and pleasant to wear.

The ComDi belt buckle is offered in a variety of models. The style and configuration can be selected individually.

With the anodized belt buckles, the surface is electrically oxidized and the aluminium is given a hard-wearing, coloured layer. The chrome-plated belt buckles are coated with a hard layer of chrome. Buckles finished with a precious metal such as fine gold convey an exceptional and luxurious message. In addition, the surface of the buckles can, on request, be labelled by laser with a logo or similar for a small surcharge. You can order here via our online shop.

ComDi belt – You set the tone

Do you like to wear your belt in colours that inconspicuously blend in with your clothing, or do you love striking contrasting colours?  Depending on your preference and coordinated with your garment, the belt with its simple, variable size adjustment will perfectly complement your clothing with the ComDi system. You can adjust your trousers or skirt elegantly and spontaneously to your personal “feel-good size” at any time. The fashionable ComDi belt can also be combined with any other items of clothing.

The belt straps are made of nappa leather, soft Cashmier calf leather and imitation leather, manufactured in Germany and particularly durable. The types of imitation leather used, Alcantara and Amaretta, are particularly durable, high-quality materials – so you can enjoy your ComDi belt for a long time to come.

Schwarze Nappaleder Gürtel

Cashmier-Kalbsleder Gürtel

Kunstleder Gürtel

Whether it is worn loosely around a blouse or stylishly on jeans – the belt will always be an eye-catcher thanks to the high-tech look. The belts with the binder screw can be individually shortened. You can order here via our online shop.

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